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We have hit the reset button on dealers online F&I with S.W.I.S.S


CTEtch is the new and improved standard of anti-theft protection: everything is digital, simple to install, and preloaded at the low-cost of only $29. The time has come for dealers to self-service their etch program. It couldn’t be easier.

$29  walkaway dealer cost

3 years with $2,500 benefit.

Did you know that every

dealership in Connecticut is

required to offer etch?


Stop guessing whether you’re compliant.

That’s right, VIN etching is required to be offered by every dealer in Connecticut, according to code section 14-99hThis includes both new- and used-car stores.


In addition, Form K200 is required to be on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles—which has two requirements CTEtch Deluxe helps you fulfill: Displaying a showroom sign announcing your anti-theft program, and training all salespersons how to compliantly offer the program.



Save thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary agent costs. Turn VIN etching into a meaningful service for both you and your customers.


CTEtch Standard—$29 dealer price

  • Dashboards to show you real-time dealership performance.

  • YDE Claims Ecosystem

  • Robust contract administration.

  • No more paper contracts.

  • Full claims adjudication.

  • Fully backed by A-rated insurance company.

  • Want the benefit paid to the customer or to the dealership? We’ve got both flavors.


CTEtch Deluxe—$55 dealer price


Includes everything within CTEtch Standard and the following:

  • TruIdentity Theft Recovery and Monitoring for 12 months. Up sell to additional years of TruIdentity coverage in your F&I office.

  • TruCompliance Management System (CMS) gives your dealerships the best online classroom possible for personnel.

  • TruCompliance’s online training helps meet requirement #2 on the K200 form.

  • Complimentary showroom sign to fulfill requirement #1 on the K200 form.

  • TruReports provides state of the art reporting on ALL your F&I products, not just etch. Gain powerful insights your DMS should have been telling you all along.

  • Easily print gorgeous, compliant addendum stickers…in seconds. This helps satisfy requirement #3 on the K200 form.

  • Get pre-printed stencils drop-shipped direct to your dealership—no data entry needed.

CTEtch uses the most advanced contract administration system available. PCMI is so easy to use that having a F&I menu is optional for used car dealerships.


CTEtch provides 3 years of coverage, with a $2500 benefit payable to either the consumer or dealer–your choice. Click the button below to see exact terms and conditions.


CTEtch uses the innovative Your Dealer Experience claims ecosystem to provide an industry-first: full claims adjudication by smartphone.  Now your dealership customers can easily get approved—or denied—based on a simple process within your dealer-branded app.



State of the art reporting on ALL your F&I products, not just etch. Gain powerful insights your DMS should have been telling you all along.

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More preloads = more PVR. Are you taking advantage of the fact that your state is the only one which mandates a preloadable product be offered to every single buyer?


CTEtch includes the beautiful DealerAddendums service at no charge, making it simple to design and print your own compliant Dealer Addendum stickers.

Etch Deluxe includes TruCompliance—powered by Mosaic—which saves you from paying a monthly subscription for your Compliance Management System (CMS).. Every relevant topic is covered in our online classroom, including Red Flags Rule, Regulation Z, Sexual Harassment, Adverse Actions, and more. CTEtch Deluxe with TruCompliance helps meet requirement #2 of the K200 form.
CTEtch and TruWarranty are compatible with all major menus and DMS platforms.


Below you will find a brief overview of a few of our other preloadable products. Have questions on these? Click here to request more info.


Identity theft recovery and monitoring at its best, for the entire family. TruIdentity is a valuable service for your customers that helps your dealerships meet the mitigation component of the FTC’s Red Flags Rule.

$26 dealer cost


TruKey is available with patented, police-endorsed ‘smart’ keychains by KeyFetch that are elegantly branded to your dealerships—and provide the best possible solution for recovering lost keys.

$44  dealer cost



12 months of external appearance protection that doesn’t use a chemical—perfect for matching up with your dealerships’ existing paint/fab program to create upsell opportunities. Preload at the click of a button.

$30  dealer cost


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